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Honu Hawaii Activities

Need to cross out another destination from your bucket list? An island hopping tour has your name on the ticket! Check out how the Hawaii locals live on the more untouched and pristine isles of the Pacific island chain. Kauai, aptly named the Garden Isle, displays breathtaking views of the Napali Cliffs, features Waimea Canyon dubbed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, Smith's Tropical Gardens and Grotto all equaling beauty unfortold. Up for an adventure? Take on The Big Island and see earth creation at work. Lava fields abound among ranches and macadamia farms on this diverse island with the most accessible and abundant waterfalls. Of course Maui, the Valley Isle, has amazing offerings of views from on high at Haleakala and lush rain forests on the journey to Hana.

All tours include airfare and a guided tour on the destination island, with some including transportation from your hotel. An opportunity of a lifetime taking in all the diversity Hawaii has to offer and loves to share.


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