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Honu Hawaii Activities

Waikiki is fantastic, its where millions of people come every year to put their feet up. However, take time to take a day to venture out and soak up other amenities the island of Oahu has to offer. Being the most populated island of the chain, there are plenty of options to choose from. Circle island tours are a great way to get a full grasp of island life and its diverse landscape. If your day starts in Waikiki, you'll check out the south east corner for dramatic cliffs contrasting against the full spectrum of blues the Pacific Ocean touts. Lighthouses and look outs perfect for eating up the memory on that Iphone. From Temple Valley and rainforests, through the beaches of the North Shore and into the pineapple fields of Wahiawa, make sure to try out the famous ice cream at the Dole Plantation. Fun and informative guides make the day a hit.


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