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Scuba Boat Dive Oahu's West Coast
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Whether you are certified or just being introduced to Scuba come join us for a boat dive in the beautiful waters off the West side of Oahu on our Dive Boat "Sea Dreams2". And if someone in your party doesn't want to scuba then they can Ride-Along with us. It is a beautiful vista of the West side of Oahu as we head out to our dive sites. Along the way it is very likely we'll see dolphins or turtles and during Winter perhaps we will spot whales. We will go to a couple dive spots on this tour. At the first dive spot intros and certified will be able to dive.

We offer a 1 Tank Dive and a 2 Tank Dive option. 2 tanks meaning two dive locations. If you are not certified you will be doing our Discover Scuba Dive option. Discover Scuba Divers will be escorted by a Master Diver the entire time under water. Our Master Divers will help you prepare and suit up before getting in the water. They wil also teach you some basic signs for communicating under the water.

At the first tank dive, all participants diving whether Certified or Intro can make the dive. The first dive site for certified divers is about 100ft. One of our crew will guide you down the line and on a tour of the first site showing you spots likely to spy eels, fish and sea life. At the second dive site is much shallower at about 40ft and only certified divers will be doing a second tank dive. This is a great dive spot for seeing a diversity of fish life, turtles, eels and under water caves. If you are certified we suggest doing both dives. At the second dive site all passengers (Certified, Intros and Ride-alongs) are welcome to get in the water for some snorkeling. The second tank dive will cost a little more than a single tank dive. To scuba Dive you must be at least 10 years old. All Scuba gear and snorkeling gear are provided. Snacks and sodas are also included on your trip. This is a three hour boat tour leaving from the Waianae Harbor at 9:00am and returning at 12:00pm.

If you've never been scuba diving before but you've always wanted to, this is a great introduction! Become a discover scuba Diver with us. Our Dive Masters and instructors will guide you and help your experience be the ultimate outing whether certified or just discovering Scuba. Feel more secure as an introductee to scuba having a trained dive master or instructor guiding you the entire way. It's a whole amazing world under the water.

Check in is at 8:30am at the Waianae Harbor. Round-trip transportation is available for an additional fee from Waikiki Hotels to Waianae and back. There is a free shuttle from Ko'olina Resorts. If you are doing a scuba dive and you are certified make sure to bring your certification verification and your dive log. You will not be able to do a second dive with out your certification. If you have those in your party that don't want to dive but would like to come along, just choose the ride-along option below. Ride-Alongs are welcome to go snorkeling with us at our 2nd dive site.

    Please make sure to tell us in our comment box:
  • Whether you are certified for Scuba
  • Sizes for your gear for each participant. Including height, weight and shoe size.
  • English Fluency
  • And all Intros to scuba must fill out the medical questions form. If you have checked any yes's to the questions asked regarding your health condition you must get a doctors pre-approval to go diving and the dive instructors on the boat will need that when you arrive.

Health & Safety Reminder

As a reminder to all participants diving, there is no flying out or in within 24 hours of your dive. What does this mean? It means after flying you should wait a minimum of 24 hours before diving. It also means that after doing a dive you should wait a minimum of 24 hours before getting on a plane again. This is very important for the health of your body. Either diving or flying on a plane changes the pressure levels exuded on your body at a rapid rate, and your body requires time to decompress. Not allowing your body that time can lead to a decompression illness. We ask that you take the 24 hour rule into effect when making your bookings.

What to Know

How old do I need to be to scuba dive?: You must be a minimum of 10 years old.
How long until I can fly after diving?: You must wait 24 hours before flying after you go diving. This is important to let your body decompress before making any more serious altitude changes.
How long until I can dive after I flew on an airplane?: You must wait 24 hours before you go diving after flying in a plane. Your body needs time to decompress after such large pressure changes.

Included:All scuba gear and snorkeling gear is provided. Just leave us the participants height, weight, and shoe size in our comment box.
Please Bring: Swim wear, towel, sunscreen, & Suba Certification Card.

Can I swim on this tour if I'm not diving?: Yes, at our 2nd site all participants are welcome to go snorkeling.

Vessel: "Sea Dreams 2". This is a double deck power catamaran Dive Boat.
1 Marine Head onboard.
We suggest that you use the bathroom before boarding.
Shower Rinse onboard

Seasickness:If you are prone to seasickness we recommend that you you take preventative measures beforehand.
Check In: 8:30am
Boat sails: 9:00am
Food Served: snacks and drinks
End Time: 12:00pm
Duration: 3 hours
(All times approximate and subject to change)
Includes: All scuba and snorkel gear, master dive guides
Bring: A swimsuit, towel and sunscreen.
Required: Scuba certification verification for 2 tank dives, dive log. Medical Questionaire.
Location: Waianae Boat Harbor
85-491 Farrington Hwy
Waianae, HI 96792
and Parking:
Round-trip transportation is available from Waikiki Hotels for $10.00 per a person at 7:00am. Parking is free at the Harbor.
Notes: • If you are prone to seasickness, we recommend you take preventative measures beforehand.
• Don't forget your scuba certification verification and your dive log!
• If you have not dived before you will need to fill out the medical questionnaire. If you answer yes to anything on the questionnaire, you will need a doctor's note to go diving.


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Intro (1 Tank Dive) Ages 10+Transportation

Certified (2 Tank Dive) Ages 10+Transportation

Ride-Along (Adult) 12+Transportation

Ride-Along (Child) 4-11Transportation

Ride-Along (Free Infant) 0-3 

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