Ko Olina Dolphin & Snorkel Adventure

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Is it your dream to swim with dolphins in the wild? Here’s your chance! On this unforgettable half-day boat tour, you’ll get to be in the water with real Hawaiian spinner dolphins in the open ocean, their natural habitat.

And the best thing is that you’ll get to do this on Oahu’s remote west coast, which most visitors never get to see. The water here will amaze you. It is so crystal clear that you’ll be able to see all the way to the bottom, to depths of up to 100 feet! The boat trip is an adventure in itself. When you glide over the water’s surface and look down into the water, it literally feels like flying over the coral reef because the water is so transparent.

All kinds of marine animals love this stretch of coastline, too. Besides dolphins, you’ll see green sea turtles frolicking in the water. Plus hundreds of colorful reef fish, flying fish, and if you are here in the winter months (mid-December through March), you might even spot a majestic Pacific humpback whale, often accompanied by a newborn calf. All tours now include a hydrophone where you will get a rare and amazing chance to hear songs of the whales and dolphins!

Ko Olina Ocean Adventures operates out of the world-class Ko Olina Resort and Marina. You’ll board either of their two boats, the 37 ft. Pacific Passion or the 38 ft. Maui Explorer.

As soon as dolphins are spotted, you will have the chance to jump in the water to view them more closely. At times their number is in the hundreds. You’ll be able to see whole dolphin families swimming next to each other. And watch out for their playful acrobatics. Spinner dolphins are known for their exciting, skyward jumps, twists and turns.

Native Hawaiians have always showed a deep respect for dolphins, or na‘ia. The captains and crew of Ko Olina Ocean Adventures value and preserve this tradition. So guests are advised to simply observe this magnificent mammals and not to chase or touch them.

Later on after your swim with the dolphins, you’ll even get to swim in live coral gardens among hundreds of colorful tropical reef fish. Your snorkeling adventure then continues with a visit to “Turtle Town”, a favorite hangout spot of Hawaiian green sea turtles.

For your convenience, you may choose between two departure times. On the early morning tour, you’ll be treated to hot drinks and pastry at check-in. If you come for the mid-day tour, you’ll enjoy snack-pack chips and cold drinks. And since you’ll most probably be hungry after your snorkeling adventure, lunch will be provided upon return to the marina. Soft drinks are also included.

So all you need to bring for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure is yourself. Even the snorkel gear, including a high-quality face mask, snorkel, fins and life vest, will be provided. It is recommended to make your reservation early because seats for this exciting trip fill up fast.

What to Know

Twice Daily
Check in: at 6:15am or 10:45am at the BBQ area of Lagoon 4 at Ko Olina Marina. (10:45am will not be available on Mondays due to boat maintenance)
Tour Duration: about 3 hours with about 2 hours of “in-water time.

Please Bring: Swimwear, towel, reef-safe sunscreen (no aerosol sunscreens), and a hat.
Included: Snacks before the tour, Lunch upon return and high quality snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins, and a life vest to assure you an enjoyable, comfortable and safe snorkeling experience.
Wetsuit Top rental available upon check in.

Aloha Check-In: Both tours feature our Aloha Check-In service, offering complimentary hot drinks and pastry for our early morning tour or hot & cold drinks and snacks for our mid-day tour.
Lunch: Lunch is served at the marina following your tour. Teriyaki chicken, pork sandwiches, vegetarian or gluten free option–please note choice in comments box during checkout. Pasta salad and fresh fruit as well as cold drinks. Bottled water is provided onboard the boat. Feel free to bring additional beverages or snacks onboard. There is an ice chest onboard.

Both Tours Include Lunch and Snorkeling GearNote: this tour practices the “passive float” method while swimming with the dolphins to ensure a safe and non-intrusive experience. The more you hold perfectly still, the longer your Oahu, Hawaii dolphin encounter will last. Observe Oahu’s wild spinner dolphins in the Hawaiian tradition of respect for these beautiful animals.

Guarantee: Dolphin Or Whale
Starting June 2018 this tour offers a Dolphin Guarantee (or Whale Guarantee depending on the season) which allows you to come back with in 5 days of your tour date if you did not see Dolphins (or whales) on your tour. The guarantee works if you did not see either dolphins or whales on your tour, then you can come again for free. You do not qualify for the guarantee if your tour group saw either Dolphins or whales. If you saw dolphins but not whales or saw whales but not dolphins, your tour does not qualify for the tour. If you did not see either dolphins or whales you must book your refund with the Guarantee within 5 days of your tour date. If you need transportation on the return it is $15.00/person. Lunch is also $15.00/person.
Upgrade: Wetsuit Upgrade. Non-refundable
For an additional price you can rent a wetsuit to help keep you warm on the tour as you get in and out of the water.

Whale watching is included during season from December to March.

Driving Directions [ show ]
92-100 Waipahe Place, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707. Marina Parking located next to Lagoon 4.


Check In: 6:15am or 10:45am at the BBQ area of Lagoon 4 at Ko Olina Marina. (10:45am is not available on Mondays)
Boat departs: 7am or 11:30am
Food Served: Before and after tour
End Time: Boat returns to harbor 10:30am and 2:30pm
Duration: 3 hrs with about 2 hrs of in the water time
(All times approximate and subject to change)
Includes: Snacks before tour, lunch upon return, high quality snorkel gear.
Bring: Swimwear, towel, reef-safe sunscreen, hat
Required: n/a
Location: 92-100 Waipahe Place, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707. Lagoon 4.
and Parking:
Transportation available, paid (validated) parking available.
Notes: • Vegetarian options available
• Please call for wheelchair accessibility.


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