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The Hawaiian tradition of Lei making and gifting was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands millenia ago by early Polynesian voyagers who settled the Hawaiian Islands by taking an incredible journey on double hull sailing canoes from Tahiti to Hawaii. The early Polynesians transversed the entire vast Pacific Ocean navigating their sailing canoes via the stars using an ancient navigating artform called Wayfinding. These early Polynesian settlers that first settled the Hawaiian Islands brought many specific plants and unique arts and one such beautiful art inlaid with meaning, that has now been introduced to the world through Hawaii, is that of Lei-making & giving.

People mark special occasions in their life, by adorning them with a special lei. That is because a lei not only is a beautiful piece of art to look at with the eye, or smell with the nose, but is a beautiful art of meaning giving and time. Making a lei is a process, and not a simple feat quickly accomplished. Lei making is an art form with steps and processes and like needlework takes time and precision to accomplish. First one must decide on a design and medium like flowers, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers, and even teeth of animals. Then one must go collect and gather those flowers, nuts, shells etc this can take quite a bit of time. Some traditional leis take a thousand blooms to make a lei! Keep that in mind if you are on Oahu during the Kamehameha Day Parade when the Island royalties are presented on their mounts.

After gathering enough flowers, nuts, shells, seeds one must then spend the time to create the lei petal by petal or shell by shell until the lei is long enough to go over your head. When someone is gifted a lei it is not only a gift of physical beauty to adorn them, but a Lei is also beautiful gift of meaning as it is instilled with the maker & givers time, effort, and love.

AIRPORT LEI GREETINGS With the advent of tourism in the islands, the lei quickly became a symbol of a Hawaiian paradise to millions of visitors worldwide. With today’s air travel, our world is more interconnected at a much faster pace. What better way to begin your stay in the tropical Hawaiian Islands than with a traditional Lei greeting bringing back the nostalgia of traditional Hawaii. Take a moment to find a special lei for you and Order your own special type of Lei with an airport greeting in advance today!Take a look through are other Hawaiian gifts that can be added onto your special Lei Greeting.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS Perhaps you are visiting Hawaii for a special occasion or you already reside in the islands and have a special event coming soon. We do leis for all Special occasions as well. WEDDING LEIS, GRADUATION LEIS, Luau Leis, Funeral Leis, perhaps you need a lei for a baby shower or reveal party. For the many sorts of special occasions that life bring to us we can help with the leis! We can hand deliver your leis in certain areas of Oahu. We offer the cheapest Priority mail to all of Hawaii and the United States. (Leis are shipped in insulated boxes to keep fresh). You can also pick up your leis for free in Honolulu on Koapaka St. See our Hawaii Special Occasion Leis page for more information

When to Place your Lei Order:
It is never too early to place your Lei order. For Airport Greetings it is best to order at least a week in advance. There is an additional fee for orders placed within 48hrs of arrival, please call for availability before booking if you are booking with in 48 or 24 hours. AIRPORT LEI GREETINGS
Are available on all Islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, & Big Island 24 hours a day, Seven days a week. Please book at least 3 days in advance of your arrival. Leis ordered within 48 hours of your arrival coast an additional fee. Please call us for availability if booking a lei greeting in 48 hours or less.
Surprise Greetings Although it is a nice idea, it most often is not practical. At least one person in the Party needs to know about the Lei greeting so your party can be expecting us at the airport and does not miss our greeter on your way to baggage claim. Someone needs to be aware of the greeters and to look for the signs with their names on it. A NO-SHOW is non-refundable and a full charge. Also if your flight changes please inform us and if we can no longer meet you at the airport we will deliver your leis to your hotel.
Lei Etiquette Lei giving is a regular part of any special occasion in the islands; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, promotions and more. There are very few tacit rules about wearing a lei. One can wear a lei at anytime. Receiving a lei is a welcomed celebration of affection. One should always accept a lei. It is considered rude to remove a lei from your neck in the presence of the person that gave it to you. the proper way to wear a lei is gently draped on the shoulder hanging both in front and in back.

Lei Options

Standard Lei Option: A single strand of Dendrobium Orchids, Plumeria Flowers (seasonal), a Kukui Nut Lei, or a Ti Leaf Lei.Available on All Islands: Oahu/Maui/Kauai/Big Island

Tuberose/Orchid Single Strand: The Island Tuberose is a very fragrant flower which makes a wonderful combination with the vibrant Purple Orchids.Available on All Islands: Oahu/Maui/Kauai/Big Island
Deluxe Orchid Lei: Our most lavish full lei with three times the amount of Purple Dendrobium Orchid flowers. Available on All Islands: Oahu/Maui/Kauai/Big Island
Other Deluxe Leis: Our other Deluxe Lei options include a Deluxe Tuberose & Orchid double strand arrangement with the beautiful vibrant purple orchids entwining with the fragrant Tuberose. Our next Deluxe option is the Cigar Lei. This is a fragrance-free lei and is a gorgeous yellow-orange to orange-red tubular Lei of Cigar Flower Blossoms. Our last Deluxe option is the Deluxe Kukui Nut Lei. This lei is made of Polished Kukui Nuts interspersed with mongo seashells and Hawaiian Greenery made of ficus or ti leaf. Available on All Islands: Oahu/Maui/Kauai/Big Island
Keiki Lei: We offer a few different Lei options for our Keiki (children) to enjoy. A keiki sized Orchid Lei, A hand painted Kukui Nut lei, and also a Keiki Rose Bud Lei. Available on All Islands: Oahu/Maui/Kauai/Big Island

Prices for the Leis above may decrease when ordering between 2-7 of a lei. Also when ordering more than 8 of a specific lei. Please call our office for more information on discounted rates for bulk ordering.

HONEYMOON LEI SPECIALS: (Lei Sets of 2 for Couples) We offer 7 different types of HoneyMoon Lei combination specials for your special event whether you are newly-weds or celebrating an anniversary. Each Honeymoon Lei Special comes with a pair of 2 leis (for couples).
Classic Orchid Honeymoon Special is the first option. This is a pair of our single Strand purple Dendrobrium Orchids.
Aloha Honeymoon Special is the second option. This is a single strand orchid lei combined with a single ti leaf open lei.
Makahiki Honeymoon Special is the third option. This is a single Strand purple Dendrobrium Orchids paired with a single strand lei of polished Kukui Nuts.
Fragrant Honeymoon Special is our fourth honeymoon special. This is a pair of our single strand Tuberose & Purple Orchid Leis.
Traditional Honeymoon Special this is our fifth honeymoon lei special and is a beautiful treat. It includes one lavish Deluxe triple strand Orchid Lei traditionally fro the bride. The Groom’s has an open end Ti Leaf lei entwined with a purple orchid twist. A very visually stunning lei combination for a special occasion!
Deluxe Honeymoon Special our sixth honeymoon special this includes a pair of our lavish triple strand vibrant Purple Dendrobrium Orchid Leis.
Local Honeymoon Special this is our 7th and final Honeymoon lei special. This includes two lavish and vibrant leis. one lei is a double strand arrangement with Purple Dendrobrium Orchids and the Fragrant Hawaiian Tuberose flower. This Lei is paired with the Fragrance-free Cigar flower blossom Lei whose flowers are yellow-orange to orange-red. Available on All Islands: Oahu/Maui/Kauai/Big Island

Optional Extra Add On Gifts

Along with your Lei Greeting or Special Occasion you can add an additional sweet gift! Most of these extra gift option are only available on the island of Oahu (Honolulu). We have four extra options available to add on to your Lei Greeting.
2oz Chocolate Macadamia Nut Box The first is a 2oz Hawaiian Host Macadamia nut covered in chocolate.
Kukui Nut Bracelet This optional extra add-on is the only one available to all the Islands. If you are flying in to Kauai, Maui, Big Island, or Oahu you can add this on to your Lei Greeting. This polished black Kukui nut bracelet is a popular add on for the Kane (men) or Keiki (children) although it may be worn by Wahine (women) as well. If you get the chance to see anyone perform the Hula while you are in the islands, check the wrists or ankles of the dancers and you may notice them wearing the Kukui Nut Bracelet. The Kukui Nut had many important uses in the Hawaiian culture, decoration is just one of those uses.
Plumeria Soap & Lotion Gift Bag The Plumeria is a tree with flowers that can be commonly found in the islands. You will often see leis made out of Plumeria flowers and the flower ranges in color and scent. Enjoy a Plumeria scented soap and lotion with your Lei Greeting.This option is also only available on Oahu.
Welcome Snack Basket This is the last optional extra add on option. The Welcome snack basket is made out of Lauhala leaves also known as the Pandanus Tree. This is a very unique looking tree and leaf that is has also been very integral in its uses in the Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. Inside your Lauhala Basket is Pineapple Coconut Balls, a Box of Hawaiian Cookies, Original Wun tun strips, and original Puff Rice Cake.

1. Please treat your lei greeting as an appointment.
2. It is the sole responsibility of the patron to provide us with accurate and up-to-date flight information prior to arrival.
3. SURPRISE GREETINGS are NOT ENCOURAGED and there will be no refunds for no-shows.
4. The purchaser MUST notify at least one (1) lei greeting recipient to look for a sign with their name on it upon their arrival.
5. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to scheduled flight arrival time.

On Oahu Airport Greetings:
In Honolulu please look for your friendly lei greeter standing just outside of your flights arrival gate. He or she will be wearing a Purple Aloha shirt, holding a welcome sign personalized with your name or group name. If they miss you at the gate, they will catch you at baggage claim. If you are arriving to Honolulu Airport on an International Flight our escort will greet you at the Singles Exit in the Customs Declaration Area.
Lei greetings from Honolulu airport are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the Outer Islands (Maui, Kauai, Big Island) Airport Greetings:
On the outer islands please look for your friendly lei greeter just as you exit the terminal area enroute to baggage claim. He or she will be wearing a purple and white uniform, holding a welcome sign personalized with your name or group name.
Lei greetings on the outer island are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Last Minute Orders:
All orders made within 48 hours are subject to the $10 surcharge. Please add it to your order. (It’s at he the bottom of the list)

Orders made within 24 hours are subject to the same $10 surcharge, only standard leis may be available and there is no certainty the leis can be delivered. Substitutions may be made at our discretion if we cannot contact you. Please keep us informed if your flight changes. If wemiss you at the airport we will try to deliver to your hotel. We are not responsible for No-Shows at Airport Greetings. No-Shows are a full charge.


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