Oahu Ghost Tour “Honolulu City Haunts” Walking Tour

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NOTICE: This activity is no longer available.

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This is a walking tour called “Honolulu City Haunts”. On this tour, we’ll be showing you several locations in Downtown Honolulu where supernatural events are still happening today. From visiting the former residence of Hawaii’s monarchy, to the location of a terrible modern day murder, close encounters are always possible! This is approximately a one mile walk, so we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Sites include the Iolani Palace, the State Capital Building, Chinatown, and Downtown Honolulu. Guests will be led by one of our ghost storytellers who will tell the stories behind the spooky locations. Some places do not allow entry so guides will stand outside the building or location and tell the story. Guests must stay with the group and not deviate from the tour.

What to know

Thursdays & Saturdays

Tour time: approximately 3 – 3.5 hours.

Pick up for our tours start in Waikiki at 6:50 pm at assigned locations. Your actual pickup time will be noted on your voucher.
If driving out to on your own, meet at the Iolani Palace at 7:40 pm. Park on Richards or King street.
Meet your guide on Richards Street outside the Barracks Gate.

Wear only closed toed shoes, bring a light jacket and a camera (fast speed film recommended).

Child Policy: Due to the intensity of our ghost tours and as a courtesy to other guests, we do not recommend this tour for children under 7. All children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one parent of legal guardian.

Camera Tips
Catching a ghost on film isn’t as hard as you think. A camera is an effective tool to use to get hard evidence that ghosts do exist. One thing to remember though: ghosts most often appear as orbs, balls of light, or mists. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a human-like form in your pictures. The orbs are just as good.

Use film of no less than 400 speed and no greater than 1600 speed. Black and white works very well, but make sure you have a camera with a low light setting before taking B&W pictures at night. Also, if you have an SLR camera, infrared film works well with a filter. One other thing. Take lots of pictures!

Restrictions: There is extensive walking, but the tour should be no problem for most guests. Walking distance is approximately 1.2 miles with stops at sites along the way.

Please note: Tours fill quickly. We cannot guarantee availability, however every effort will be made to work an alternate date if your desired date is not available.


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