Aha Aina Royal Hawaiian Luau, Waikiki

Join us in our “Aha Aina” or literally feast of food, song and hula at out beautiful oceanfront in Waikiki. It takes place right on world-famous Waikiki Beach, under the stars at the extravagant Royal Hawaiian Hotel, also known as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific.” You’ll enjoy great views of Diamond Head as a backdrop and the hotel’s royal atmosphere. (Please note starting April 2020 the luau will be at the Coconut Grove and not ocean front.)

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“Aha Aina”, a Royal Celebration

The Pink Palace is one of the oldest and most popular and luxurious hotels in Waikiki. With its pink color, it is truly the most outstanding hotel on Waikiki Beach. Steeped in a rich and elegant history, this will be a night of extravagant dining and entertainment to remember.

Held every Monday & Thursday night at The Royal Hawaiian’s Ocean Lawn with the breathtaking backdrop of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, the ‘Aha ‘Aina is composed of three spectacular acts. As guests enter the Aha ‘Aina grounds, the evening captures the spirit of traditional Hawaii with time-honored demonstrations such as kapa-making (cloth made of pounded bark), poi-pounding, and na lawai’a (tending of fishing tools). The night continues with the sound of a pu (conch) calling guests to feast, where a storyteller shares the significance of lei giving, the ocean, and taro while guests dine on exquisite pupu (hors de ouvres). After dinner, the Helumoa story unfolds—a dramatic performance, including hula and song, commemorates ancient islanders’ rich history and culture through a timeline of the historic Royal Hawaiian to the contemporary style of Hawaiian music and dance.

Come and feast! Only a short walk from almost every hotel in Waikiki, the central location of the Royal Hawaiian Luau truly makes this an essential dining and cultural experience. Come to this luau and enjoy being treated like royalty.

Aha Aina Luau Menu

From the root of the taro plant

First Plate

Spicy Ahi Poke
Hawaiian salt, sweet soy, sirracha aioli, tobiko
Watercress Salad
Sumida Farm watercress, tofu, sesame dressing, ginger
Roasted Eggplant
Lemon miso dressing, chili threads
Ginger scallion sauce, kamaboko, farm egg

Second Plate

Steamed Island Fish
Luau sauce, shaved onion, sesame brittle, pickled chili
Chicken Lau Lau
Chicken steamed with taro leaves
Kimchi Fried Rice
Jasmine rice, kimchi, Portuguese sausage
Hawaiian Smoked Meat
Stir fry smoked pork, pickled onion, oyster sauce
Soy Sake Braised Short Rib
Natural jus, crispy garlic


Local Style Haupia Pudding
Dark chocolate layered dobash, cinnamon crumbles, toasted coconut

*Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may
increase your risk of food borne illness.

Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, & Vegan options are available. Please let us know in the comment box if you require any of these options or have any food allergies.




What days of the week do you operate? Monday & Thursday
What is your check in time? 5:00pm.
What is your schedule of events? Starts promptly at 5:30pm and ends at about 8:00pm. Hawaiian activities, Luau Feast, and Helumoa Show
Do you provide Transportation? No.
Do you provide Premium Seating? Yes. It consists of the first two rows of tables, upgraded lei greeting, & priority to the buffet line.
Are children under the age of 2 allowed? Yes.
What kind of bar? You will receive 1 welcome drink and 2 drink tickets good for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. The Luau has a Full, Cash Bar.

What to Know [ show ]

Smoking/non smoking? A smoking section is available away from luau.

Do you have wheel chair access? Yes.

How many drinks are included in the price? Full bar. You will receive 1 welcome drink and 2 drink tickets good for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

What type of alcohol beers wines etc? Standard drinks, Mai Tais, Blue Hawaiians and Pina Colada’s etc.

What non alcoholic drinks do you have? Sodas and juices.

I am a vegetarian with a nut allergy, can you accommodate me?Yes, Please give advance notice.

What is your dress code? Casual.

What should I wear? Light cover up – depends on the weather.

Are slippers ok? Or are shoes required? Slippers are fine.

Is it outside or inside? Outside.

How long does it last? 2.5 hours.

When does it start? 6pm.

Is there a dance/musical number? Yes.

Is parking available? Is parking convenient? At what cost? Do you validate parking? Yes validate parking at Checkin for free parking.

Do you have a gift shop? Yes.

Is there audience participation? Yes.

Should we bring bug repellent? Yes.

Are there plenty of bathrooms? Yes.

Is there Shopping nearby? Yes.

What if it is raining? Do you supply umbrellas, rain checks, refunds? We will move you into the monarch room which is a ballroom that is right next to the ocean lawn.

Does the luau represent many dances or just Hawaiian? From all Polynesia.

Does it have Tahitian dancers? Yes.

Is there a place to store valuables? No.

Can I take pictures after the show? Yes.

Can I get autographs? Yes.

Are pictures available if I don’t have a camera? No.

Security suggestions? Not an issue-it is very safe

Driving Directions [ show ]

Check in at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

From Honolulu International Airport

Take Nimitz Hwy to Ala Moana Blvd.
Turn right onto Kalakaua Ave
Turn right onto Royal Hawaiian Ave.
Drive towards the ocean and pass the Sheraton Waikiki on your right.
Head towards the pink Royal Hawaiian hotel.

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Check In: 5:00 pm
Gates Open: 5:00 pm
Food Served: ~6:00 pm
End Time: 8:00pm
Duration: 3 hrs
(All times approximate and subject to change)
Includes: Full Bar, 2 Free Drinks
Bring: Casual Attire, Light Sweater
Required: Valid ID Required for Alcoholic Drinks (21+)
Location: Royal Hawaiian Hotel, 2259 Kalakaua Avenue
and Parking:
Walking distance from Waikiki area hotels.
Notes: • Vegetarian options available with advance notice.
• Majority of the park is wheelchair accessible.
* Special Cancellation Policy: 72 hr notice prior to the event required for cancellations.

Extended Luau Description [ show ]

A rich celebration at Waikiki’s only Royal Hawaiian Hotel!
Experience the gourmet Hawaiian feast fit for royalty at the Aha Aina – A Royal Celebration on beautiful Waikiki Beach held at the nostalgic Royal Hawaiian Hotel, admirably known of as the “Pink Palace of the Pacific.”
The most famous and historic hotel in all of Waikiki is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, dearly known in Hawaii as “the pink lady”. The Royal Hawaiian hotel was the very first hotel constructed on the island of Oahu and thus in Waikiki as well. An amazing location for an amazing luau found on Oahu, the Royal Hawaiian Luau. Besides having the opportunity to experience a great sense of local history by attending the Royal Hawaiian Luau, it is also an invaluable benefit that one need not trek a great distance across the island to enjoy this luau. As a matter of fact, for guests staying in the Waikiki area, it is not more than a quick lovely evening stroll to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Waikiki’s historical fame includes stories of island royalty, decadent feasts, and inspired settings. The Royal Hawaiian Luau is proudly inspired by Helumoa, the legendary playground of Hawaiian royalty, mingled with a modern representation of the traditional Hawaiian banquet given the special name of “Aha Aina, a Royal Celebration.” Aha Aina Luau is the only oceanfront dinner and show located on Waikiki Beach. It is a celebration that meet two feats: culinary and sensory, with observance of the Hawaiian culture through the culmination of the traditional island experience in grand Royal Hawaiian style.
There isn’t a better place in Waikiki than the Ocean Lawn at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. An awe-inspiring backdrop of Waikiki Beach down to Diamond Head, sets the stage for the Aha Aina Luau and its three sensational acts. Guests will begin their evening celebrations with the by capturing the spirit of ancient Hawaiian traditions of time-honored activities such as kapa-making (cloth made of pounded bark), poi-pounding (make sure to try some with your dinner), and na lawai’a (tending of fishing tools). Moving on by the sound of a pu (conch shell) calling all attending to the amazing feast ahead. Local storytellers share the significance of several island customs from lei giving, ocean activities, to the importance of taro while guests enjoy on the most exquisite cuisine any Oahu luau has to offer. All the more enjoyable since it is table service—no waiting in lines for buffet food! As dinner winds down, the Helumoa story begins to unfold as a dramatic performance of hula and song commemorating ancient islanders’ colorful history of culture through a chronology of the historic Hawaiian to the contemporary style of local dances and music.

Location: Royal Hawaiian Hotel Ocean Lawn, Waikiki, South Oahu, Hawaii

“Aha Aina,” The Feast at the Royal Hawaiian! Today as in times of old, Hawaiian people gather together to celebrate auspicious occasions with a feast. Some of the many reasons for these gatherings included honoring a noble warrior or a victory in war, a bountiful harvest and the birth of a new child—just to name a few. The Hawaiians held many practices that demonstrated honor to their gods as they sought their fellowship, aid or benignity. They believed that prosperity was better shared with family and friends which was usually carried out as part of a great feast.
This celebration was called ‘aha‘aina meaning gathering (‘aha) for a meal (‘aina). The term luau would later come to be referred to these celebrations around 1856. The Hawaiian term ‘Luau’ actually refers to the young edible leaves of the taro plant, which the staple starch crop of many Pacific islands and used to make POI ).

The Enchantment Begins! Your exciting evening begins with a lei greeting while listening to Hawaiian melodies and enjoying refreshing Mai Tais or Luau punch on the Ocean Lawn.
Activities of Kapa Making where Hawaiian women will be working on lauhala mats under hale with the various stages of kapa are in progress such as stripping, fermenting, pounding, drying, dye making, and stamping. Men will be preparing poi in various stages from freshly harvested taro, then steamed pieces for pounding. pa’I ai Na Lawai’a where men will be mending nets, scaling fresh fish, tending to various Hawaiian fishing tools. The sound of the pu (conch) will notify the “villagers” that the time to gather their things, close their stations and bid one another farewell for the evening is at hand. Listen to the villages share the Hawaiian language as they pass through and bid the guests farewell.
Following dinner, guests are taken on a melodious journey through Polynesia along with the dance of Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand and Samoa. This is truly a Royal Polynesian Extravaganza at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel Luau!

5:30 – 6:00 pm He Loa Ka Hele ana o na Kupuna
The path of our ancestors is great.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Le’a ke kau ‘ai
The time for food is enjoyable and peaceful.

7:00 pm – 7:50 pm
With its unique history, Waikiki presents a story all of its own. Guests will have the opportunity to witness first hand as the fascinating story unfolds with the living record of Helumoa. The Royal Waikiki comes to life once again.

Operates: Monday & Thursday at 5:00pm (Times may vary with season) Location:The Royal Hawaiian Resort, 2259 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu Duration: 2.5 hours Capacity: 250 guests Inclusions:Hawaiian activities, Luau Feast and Aha Aina Helumoa Show Mondays & Thursdays Only! Premium Seating Available with additional fee and based on Availability.

This is Waikiki’s only oceanfront luau and located on its world-renowned beach. You will enjoy this luau through sunset and then under the stars at the most elegant and historical Royal Hawaiian Hotel, the Pink Palace of the Pacific. Book your package with Honu Hawaii Activities and not only will you have a night to remember, you won’t have to keep remembering the price as you will SAVE, SAVE, SAVE with our discounted prices on most all activities Hawaii has to offer.

Premium Package:
Enjoy Front Row Seating with this incredible package, upgraded lei greeting, & priority access to the buffet!
Drinks: (1 welcome drink, 2 drink tickets), Coffee and Tea, Offers a Full Cash Bar
Inclusion(s): Gratuity / Welcome Drink plus 2 Drink Tickets / Full Cash Bar / Entertainment / Dinner / Flower Lei
Standard Package:
Drinks: Full Bar (1 welcome drink, 2 drink tickets), Coffee and Tea
Inclusion(s): Gratuity / Welcome Drink plus 2 Drink Tickets / Full Bar / Entertainment / Dinner /

THE ROYAL HAWAIIAN “THE FIRST RESORT HOSTELRY IN AMERICA” as described by the Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Ten acres of prime Waikiki beach front make the site of The Royal Hawaiian which boasts a majestic heritage. After conquering the island of Oahu, King Kamehameha would use this area as his personal playground. The original location of Queen Kaahumanu’s Summer Palace was located on what is currently referred to as the Coconut Grove garden. The Royal Hawaiian opened its door to guests on February 1, 1927, and thus ushered in a new era of luxurious resort travel for the Hawaiian islands. At the cost of $4 million for the 400-room structured in six stories, the resort hotel was finished in just 18 months. The Royal Hawaiian was decorated and built with a Spanish-Moorish flare which was made fashionable during the period by screen star Rudolph Valentino. The original staff included 300 people, with ten elevator operators and lobby attendants outfitted in “Cathayan” style.
Ed Tenney, who headed the firm of Castle and Cooke and Matson Navigation, along with William Roth, Matson manager, had the vision for this luxurious idea as a resort for Matson passengers coming to the islands. As there was a five-day or more ocean voyage to get to the islands before air travel became accessible over the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, when visitors came to the islands they would stay long periods of time with their entourage of servants, vehicles, and other necessities. The vision of the Royal Hawaiian filled the needs many of these high roller travelers had come accustomed to. A famous to the Royal Hawaiian in the 1930’s was Shirley Temple, who created a stir by strumming the ukulele on Waikiki Beach. The Royal Hawaiian hosted numerous celebrities, financiers, and heads of state until World War II when it was leased to the United States Navy as a rest and recreation center for those serving in the Pacific. Then in 1947 after a remodel of about $2 million, The Royal Hawaiian was re-opened to the public.
Matson sold the The Royal Hawaiian Resort in 1959 to Sheraton, which added the Tower Wing in 1969. Then again resold in 1974 to Kyo-ya Company, Ltd., with Starwood Hotels & Resorts as management. On going restoration has preserved classical elegance of the guest rooms and public areas throughout the structure was key in the recognition as the Overall Grand Award Winner in the 15th annual Renaissance Remodeling Competition. Guests of The Royal Hawaiian will experience modern conveniences along with warm service and luxury accommodations amidst the setting of a world-class historic landmark. Tours are offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2pm for those interested the resorts rich history and famous guests.
The legendary ‘Pink Palace of the Pacific’ began one of its most recent restoration around June 1, 2008, which closed the Royal Hawaiian for seven months. The restored resort reopened to usher in a return to grandeur in Waikiki highlighting the culture and history of the Hawaiian islands in its new guest programs. With the latest restoration of upgraded rooms with handcrafted furniture in November 2010 Tower Section was reopened and entirely refreshed with a return to its legendary grandeur.

Aha Aina Luau Information:
Wheel Chair Accessibility: Facilities at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and Ocean Lawn are wheelchair accessible.
Required Items to Bring: A valid government issued photo I.D. is required to consume any alcoholic beverages.
Attire: Aloha/Resort Attire Required
Complimentary validated parking available. Drinks are available for purchase. The tour/activity is subject to cancellation due to weather. The menu is subject to change.

Make sure to book in advance with Honu Hawaii Activities for additional savings and ensure that there is space available for the best night you can have in Waikiki.


Due to the Popularity of this Luau, please call for availability of Premium Seating if booking with in 20 days of your event.


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