Gunstock Ranch Horseback Rides

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Gunstock Ranch is a 400 acre working ranch located at the base of the beautiful Koolau Mountain Range on Oahu’s North Shore. Leave the busy city behind as you drive out to the country side of Oahu on the North Shore amongst which you can find Gunstock Ranch. In addition to livestock sales and boading, Gunstock Ranch offers some of Hawaii’s finest horseback riding trails. Meandering through the majestic Ko’olau mountains you will come to viewpoints that overlook miles of Oahu’s finest coastline. Gunstock Ranch is also proud to offer Hawaiian Legacy Tours that offer riders and visitors the opportunity to plant a legacy tree. Gunstock Ranch is working with the non-profit Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative to reforest this part of Oahu with endangered Native & Endemic trees.

Gunstock Ranch has been in the Smith family for over 35 years. Originally from Arizona, Max Smith was a third generation rancher. He moved to the islands in 1965 to become a state meat inspector. He was later elevated to state veterinarian. Smith was the Hawaii State Veterinarian until 1994, retiring after 19 years. Max Smith has also received the honor of being added to the Paniolo Hall of Fame. Gunstock Ranch is continued on and operated through his family today. Check out the many Horse back ride options Gunstock Ranch has to offer below.

Guided Horseback Trail Rides

Keiki Pony Rides 30 minutes
The Keiki (child) Experience is a 30-minute “horse experience” that is ideal for children between the ages of 2-7 years old. Older children or even adults are welcome to purchase one of these experiences too if they want to ride a horse alongside their child. Children 6 years and younger will be led or “ponied” by a wrangler. Children are taken on a 20 minute walk out on the ranch. Parents are welcome to walk along side their child and take pictures along the way (at no charge). This is a fun experience to allow a young child the opportunity to ride and pet a horse in a safe and controlled setting. Scheduled ride times include 9:45am, 12:30pm, (available upon request 10:15am, 1:15am, & 4:00pm)

1 Hour Scenic Horseback Ride
This is a family friendly leisurely ride amongst one of Oahu’s hidden treasures, the Hawaiian countryside. You and your horse will wind through shady trails and open grazing pastures. Enjoy Pastoral views and our hidden cave that was used in the filming of Hawaii 5-0. Don’t forget your camera! There are several spots with views of the ocean that make a great picture. Must be at least 7 years old for this ride. No pregnant riders. Weight limit is 240lbs for any rider.
9:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 5:30pm

Scenic Ride 90 minutes
The Scenic Horseback Ride is a 90-minute guided ride. This is a walking only ride and no trotting or cantering will be allowed. This is a great ride for the whole family. This ride winds through mountain trails with occasional ocean views. The highlight spot is our scenic lookout which provides a great view of the Windward side of Oahu. This is a great picture taking spot so bring your camera. This ride is suitable for all skill levels ages 7 and up. No pregnant riders will be allowed. Our weight limit for any rider is 240lbs. 10:30am & 3:30pm

Advanced Trail Rides 60 minutes
This is a 60 minute guided ride with the opportunity for controlled trotting and cantering within the ride. Riders must have previous riding experience and need to be comfortable at a trot and canter. Wranglers will do an assessment of riding skills and will base the pace of the ride on the “least skilled ability” of the riders in the group. Wranglers are responsible for keeping the ride safe so they will make the judgement call on how fast the ride moves out. If you have not ridden more than 30 times, this ride is not for you. If guests do join this ride that do not have enough previous riding skill then it hinders the rest in the party who truly are experienced riders. Please Experienced Riders Only! Guest who ride often really enjoy this ride. This ride size typically has fewer guests due to the experience level needed. Riders must be at least 12 years old and no pregnant riders allowed. Our weight limit for any rider is 220lbs. 8:30am Monday-Friday

Sweetheart Ride 2 hours
The Sweetheart Horseback Ride is a 2 hour, private party ride. One of our wranglers will guide guests through our mountain trails to a nice scenic lookout spot and dismount them. A picnic lunch will be provided and the wrangler will leave the party alone for 1/2 hour private time to enjoy lunch and your surroundings. This ride is suitable for all skill levels. No pregnant riders will be allowed. This is a great way to spend “sweetheart time”, celebrate birthdays or special occasions. Since this ride is private for your party, you may have as many guests along as you would like. If you are comfortable on horses and would like to add some advanced ride features we can adjust that ride for you since it is a private party. Our weight limit for any rider is 240 lbs.
A picnic (food) is included with this ride and it is packed along with you. The food includes: croissant sandwiches, local fruit, chocolate covered macadamia nuts, water, and Hawaiian Sun fruit drinks. 11:00am or 1:00pm Monday – Saturday

Sunset Horseback Ride 90 minutes
The Sunset horseback ride is a 90-minute guided ride. This ride goes out in the cooler portion of the day and riders experience the beautiful Hawaiian sunset skies while on horseback. This is a walking only ride and no trotting or cantering will be allowed. This is a great ride for the whole family. This ride is suitable for all skill levels ages 7 and up. No pregnant riders will be allowed. Our weight limit for any rider is 240 lbs. 5:00pm

Sunset Dinner Horseback Ride (Upon Request, 4:30pm Monday-Saturday)
The Sunset Dinner Horseback ride is 2-2.5 hours of guided horseback riding and dinner by a campfire.This ride leaves in the cooler evening of the day and riders get to experience the beautiful Hawaiian sunset skies from horseback! Ride to our highlight scenic lookout spot take in the view and enjoy dinner around a campfire. This is a family friendly ride with walking only, no trotting or cantering allowed. Must be 7 years old to participate. No pregnant riders allowed. Rider weight limit for all rides is 240lbs. Must have a minimum of 2 riders per booking.
Dinner will be warm and ready when you arrive weather permitting. Locally catered dinner includes: Your Choice of Entree, salad, Ulu Mash, & Hawaiian Sun fruit drinks and water. Please let us know in the comment box when checking out which entree you would prefer. Boneless Short Rib w/Kalbi Sauce, Pan Seared Chicken baked in a mirrin-ginger beurre blanc, or a Island Style Mac-Nut encrusted MahiMahi. If the weather turns and becomes too difficult we will return and let you eat in the shelter of our covered pavilion. After dinner, the wranglers will help you re-mount and your ride back will be in the light of dusk.

Hawaiian Legacy Forest Tours

In coordination with Gunstock Ranch there are three types of Native Tree planting tours offered at Gunstock Ranch; a Walking Planters Tour, the Horseback Planter’s Experience, and a Private off-Road planter’s Tour. Each of these tours includes not only stunning views of the mountains and coastline, but your own Legacy Tree. The trees you will be planting are native and endemic to Hawaii, meaning they are only found in the Hawaiian Islands. These programs with your help, help to keep these endangered plants from extinction. You will be able to personally plant & dedicate your tree in the legacy forest. You will be presented with a certificate of planting that will enable you to track the location and growth of your Legacy Tree throughout its lifetime. Visit to check on your Legacy tree! legacy trees are tracked via Radio Frequency identification Technology (RIFD). Walking Planters Tour (1 Hour)
Available at 9:00am Monday-Saturday
Minimum Age: 3yrs

Horseback Planter’s Experience (2.5 Hours)
Available 10:00am & 3:30pm Monday-Saturday
Discover Gunstock Ranch on this tour while on Horseback. See stunning vistas of the ocean while on beautiful mountainside trails. on the return trip descend into the Hawaiian Legacy Forest. Many of the trees here are rare and highly endangered.
Minimum Age: 7yrs. No pregnant participants.

Private Off-Road Planters Tour (2 Hours)
Available 8:30am, 11:30am, 4:00pm Monday-Saturday
Enjoy a private tour in a allterrain 4wheel drive vehicle (Pinzgauer) of the best of what Gunstock Ranch Has to offer! You will get the opportunity to see Historic WWII sites, hidden Caves, Stunning Vistas of the North Shore, and our newly planted native Legacy Forest. This is Oahu’s largest Native Trees Reforestation project.
Minimum Age 3yrs (with car seat). Maximum of 12 guests on this tour.

What to Know

All tours Monday through Saturday

Check In: At least 30 minutes prior to scheduled ride time at Gunstock Ranch, 56-250 Kamehameha Highway in Laie town (North Shore of Oahu).

All rides & tours have a minimum of 2 guests

Weight limit : 240lbs.

Trail Ride Rules & Regulations:
*Parents and Guardians must sign for Minor children 2 – 17 years of age.
*All riders must be (7) seven years of age with height of 4 feet 4 inches to qualify for horseback trail rides unless otherwise noted.
*Only one rider per horse, weight must not exceed 240lbs.
*Consumption of Alcoholic beverages is forbidden on the rides or immediately prior to ride time. Detection of alcohol will disqualify.
*Video Cameras and Cellular phones can cause horses to “spook” please do not carry them on the trail rides. Cell phones should be completely turned off.
*Running or Trotting of the horses is not allowed. Guides will adjust the ride to keep everyone together.
*All riders must abide by the trail guides instructions. Do not leave the position you were assigned in the ride lineup. Horses will vie for position, please control them as instructed.
*Any purposeful attempt to run, trot or take a different turn will result in disqualification of your ride. You will be instructed to dismount.
*Helmets are considered personal protective equipment. It is highly recommended that all persons wear a ATSM/SEI approved helmet, helmets provided.
*Appropriate riding attire is long pants (jeans), shorts, shoes/boots/tennis or flats and walking shoes. Dresses/skirts, high heels and articles that may pose a risk to riders/horses will be prohibited.
*Facilities at the Stables do not have lockers or storage for valuables. Please limit your items to your pocket or fanny pack.
*Liability Waivers must be thoroughly read and signed and handed to the trail guide upon arrival at the riding stables.

Driving Directions [ show ]

Check In: 30 minutes prior to scheduled ride time
Tour Departs: Varies by package
Food Served: Only available on Sweetheart Ride & Picnic Ride
End Time: Varies by package
Duration: 30 min, 90 min, 60 min, 2 hr tour packages available
(All times approximate and subject to change)
Includes: Ranch guide
Bring: Sturdy closed toe shoes, long pants, camera, water, sun protection
Required: Parents and guardians must sign for minors age 2 – 17yrs
Location: Gunstock Ranch, 56-250 Kamehameha Highway in Laie town (North Shore of Oahu)
and Parking:
No transportation provided. Parking available at Ranch.
Notes: • Age requirement varies by package.
• Weight must not exceed 240 lbs.


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