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Welcome to Hawaii, the home of surfing. The Hawaiian Islands with the Hawaiian people is where Surfing came into existence. What better a place for you to begin, that where surfing began as well! We’ll get you up riding waves like the pros in no time. Hans Hedemann is a former pro surfer who employs a team of pros to help teach you to surf. These are true water people who have a love for the ocean that they long to share with you. Waikiki is a great location for surfing and very popular for the long steady ride. You will see plenty of Surfers from shore in Waikiki waiting on their long boards for the next set of waves to come in. It is the perfect spot to learn how to surf, gentle and calm.

There are various lessons available to you to learn from of differing skill levels staring at beginning. First choose whether you would like to learn to surf in a Group Lesson, a Semi Private Group Lesson, or a Private Lesson. After selecting the type of lesson choose which style of wave riding you would like to learn.Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or Body Boarding. Other than the Lesson packages we do offer some other tour options as well. Enjoy A VIP Surf Session, Surf with the Pros, or a trip to the north shore on our North Shore Activity Package. More details on each of our packages can be found below.

There are various ways of having fun in the ocean and catching and then riding the oceans’ waves! Surfing, Body boarding and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) are three types of catching waves that can be seen at any popular beach in Hawaii and that you can come and learn at our Surf School. If you’ve always wanted to try a wave riding sport out and learn how to catch a wave add us to your vacation itenerary. Join us at the Hans Hedemann Surf School and return home with bragging rights and knowing how to Surf a wave or Stand up Paddle Board (SUP) or Bodyboard. Along with instruction, all surfing gear is provided in our lessons and packages. This includes the use of a soft top beginning surfboard, rashguard surf shirt, and reef shoes. Roundtrip transportation from Waikiki Hotels is also included. You will want to bring your own towel, swimwear, reef-safe sunscreen, water, and a change of clothes. Make sure to have a good meal before or after your Lesson or Activity and stay hydrated. All of our activities in the ocean exert a lot of energy.


We require all children ages 6 years-13 years to attend a private surf lesson. We advise against participating if Pregnant. Must be 14years+ for Group lessons. Must be a minimim of 6years of age for private lessons. Must be able to swim and in good physical condition for paddling. Waivers are signed prior to tour. Please list names, ages, and approximate weights of all participants in the comment box when checking out.

Group Lessons:

This package includes a maximum of four participants in your group. This allows everyone to have the undivided attention of the instructors and allows you to save money at the same time. Each lesson begins first with a 20 minute land lesson. During these 20 minutes on land you will be shown proper techniques for your activity in the water and taught proper water dafety and etiquette. All of your instructors are professionally trained lifeguards, and CPR trained as well to further ensure the safety of everyone during the lesson, in and out of the water. Must be 14years+ to participate in the group lessons.

Semi Private Lessons:

This Package includes only two people in the lesson. This is a great way to learn to surf quickly with moral support. This is ideal that way you have an ideal way to enjoy the instructors attention. It is also a great experience for friends, partners, or couples. You will be taken through the basics of surfing, and you will be given time in the water to ride the waves. If you are a couplewanting to learn to surf together this is the ultimate package for you. Lessons start on land with a 20 minute land lesson which will teach you proper techniques to use in the water, water safety and etiquette. All instructors are professionally trained lifeguards, and CPR trained as well to further ensure the safety of everyone during the lesson, in and out of the water. There must be a minimum of 2 people when booking for this package. Must be 14yrs+ to participate in this option. Receive an extra gift from us when you are finished with your lesson. Your choice of a Hans Hedemann Surf Logo T-Shirt or Hat, and a Photo DVD of the Surf Lesson

Private Lessons:

This package includes one on one time with an instructor, and is the ideal way to ensure your success of learning to surf while here in Hawaii. You will be guided through the basics of surfing, and have someone in the water who is responsible for only you. Give yourself the best chance to ride like a professional, and book a private lesson today. Children under 13 years must be booked in the private lessons for safety purposes. Receive an extra gift from us when you are finished with your lesson. Your choice of a Hans Hedemann Surf Logo T-Shirt or Hat, and a Photo DVD of the Surf Lesson

Children’s Private Lessons Age 6-13years

Children need attention, it’s as simple as that. Children ages 6 years to 13 years will need a private lesson. We value that attention that our instructors will have for your children if they are on a one on one basis. This is why we require your keiki (meaning children in Hawaiian) to come for a private lesson. Also, we know that with our instructors undivided attention your children will be having a blast and up and surfing in no time. They’ll be bragging to their friends back home about how they rode the waves of Hawaii like a pro! Parent guardians do not need to purchase a private lesson with their child. However the parent/guardian of the child will need to sign a waiver form.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding(SUP) / Body Boarding

There are many ways to catch a wave. Along with Surfing we offer Lessons on Body Boarding and Stand Up PaddleBoarding as well. You can do Body Boarding or Stand Up Paddle Boarding in a Group lesson, Semi Private Lesson, or Private Lesson. Just select from the dropdown below which wave riding technique you would prefer to learn. (Must be 14yrs+ for group lessons and book a minimum of 2 people)

VIP Surf Sessions

The VIP Surf Session option opens a choice for participants that already have the basic of surfing down and are at an intermediate level. If you know how to surf but don’t feel ready to go out with the Pros this is a good package for you. Instead of starting with basic lessons the Instructors can gear your experience more to helping you at your level. Let the instructor know if you have any goals you would like to work on to advance your surfing skills. You can also choose to use a regular longboard instead of the softtop beginner surfboards. Receive an extra gift from us when you are finished with your lesson. Your choice of a Hans Hedemann Surf Logo T-Shirt or Hat, a HH Logo Lanyard, and a Flash Drive of the Surf Lesson.

Surf with the Pros

A dedicated former pro surfer with you for 2 hours on a one on one basis. Could there be anything better? You’ll be pulling maneuvers in no time, you’ll probably have a favorite surf break by the time you head back home. This is the ultimate way to learn the ancient art of surfing, with someone who knows every aspect of it, inside and out. Our Pro instructors have taught several actors, actresses, filmmakers, and producers how to Surf. Come learn with the best. Receive an extra gift from us when you are finished with your lesson. Your choice of a Hans Hedemann Surf Logo T-Shirt or Hat, a Hans Hedemann Logo Lanyard, and a Flash Drive of the Surf Lesson.

North Shore Activity: Surf School Day Trip to the North Shore

Visit the Seven Mile Miracle on Oahu. The stretch of shoreline and beaches with some of the worlds best surfing spots, all in one seven mile radius of shoreline along Oahu’s North West coast. Get picked up at the Hans Hedemann Surf shop in Waikiki and from there we head to the North Shore. Upon Arrival participants can go into a 2 hour Body Boarding or Surfing lesson. Select the wave riding technique you would like below when choosing this option. Based on skill level you can choose a beach spot on the North shore you would like to surf or bodyboard. Afterwards enjoy a tour of the famous beaches by your guide. If you want a little extra surf culture this is definitely the lesson for you. This tour is based on Oahu’s famous ‘North Shore’ where all Winter Season the largest surf competitions in the world are held. After your 2 hour lesson in the waters of Oahu’s North Shore then you will tour this amazing surf spot, a mecca for surfing. Come and Grom out with us for the day. Your basic itenerary will be as follows below. Times may vary a little, depending on how much fun everyone is having.

8:15-9:00 am – Pick up at your hotel between

10:00 am – Arrive on Oahu’s famous North Shore for a 2 hour surf lesson.

12:30 pm – Enjoy a no-host lunch at one of the the North Shores’ quaint lunch spots, then tour the North Shore Surf spots and attractions like turtles, Waimea Bay, Pipeline, Sunset Beach. Visit and gain historical knowledge of the North Shore surf spots.

2:00 pm – Depart North Shore for Honolulu

3:00-4:00 pm – arrive at Waikiki Hotels

Transportation is included in the price as well as surfboards and instructions. Lunch will be a “no-host” and is not included in the price of the tour.

*If you want to watch someone on this tour we can offer you the tour only (no surfboard or instruction) for a different price.


What to Know


Transportation: All lessons include complimentary hotel transfer to and from your Waikiki based hotel.

All lessons start with a 20 minute land lesson before getting in the water.

Location: There are 3 Hans Hedemann Surf School locations on Oahu;

The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel,

The Park Shore Waikiki,

and on the North Shore at the Turtle Bay Resort

Book North Shore Lessons @


Tour Times: All Lessons run at three times during the day at 9:00am, 12:00pm and 3:00pm. Please choose your preferred time option below when selecting your tour.

Hans Hedemann Surf Shop is located at the

Park Shore Hotel in the Lobby

2586 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu 96815

Check In: 15 min before lesson begins
Lesson Times: 9:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm
Food Served: n/a
End Time: Varies
Duration: Typically 2 hrs

(All times approximate and subject to change)

Minimum Age: Must be 14yrs+ for group lessons. Must be 6yrs+ for private lessons.
Includes: Surf equipment (Surfboard, rash guard surf shirt, reef shoes)
Bring: Towel, sunscreen, swim attire

(one peice suites recommended for women.) Change of clothes and water.

Required: Not recommended for Pregnant women. Must be able to swim, and in good physical condition for paddling.
Location: Hans Hedemann Surf Shop, Park Shore Waikiki Hotel, 2586 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu 96815
Parking: Free at Beach Parks, metered parking on the street.
Transportation: Free from Waikiki area hotels
Instructors: All are professional trained lifeguards & CPR certified.
Notes: • All lessons start with a 20 min land lesson

• Group, Semi-private, & Private Lessons available

• Lesson may be lengthened to 4 hrs for additional fee

• Please list names and ages of each participant in the comment box.

PLEASE LIST NAMES, AGES, and approximate Weights of each participant in the comment box when checking out. This will help us have the proper equipment ready for you. Mahalo



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