North Shore Catamaran Sunset Sail

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From May to December join us for a romantic sunset sail, we offer a low key down to earth experience for everyone. With the beautiful shoreline of the north shore, including the world famous sunset beach. Named for a good reason, there is no better place to enjoy a sunset than from this beach, except of course from the beautiful clear waters just off-shore.

The Ho’o Nanea is a very safe and stable sailing catamaran that lets you relax and stay dry, without sacrificing the feeling of being close to the ocean. This is not a fancy dinner cruise. No dress code. No hula dancers, tiki torches and umbrella topped daquiries being crammed down your throat. Just the typical understated North Shore atmosphere of friends getting together to enjoy an evening out on the ocean.

Some of our crew play the Ukulele, but only if the guests enjoy it and request it! No audience participation required! On our cruise you can enjoy nature with your friends and the very friendly crew, or be left in peace to take in the evening glow with your partner. We serve a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring your own favorite adult beverages. We will put them on ice for you.

We keep our tours nice and personal, our boat is coast guard licensed to carry 27 people, but for your comfort we never book more than 20 (unless we have a larger party who all want to come together).

What to Know


Check in: 30 minutes prior to tour at the Haleiwa Boat Harbor.
Tour time varies throughout the year. (4:00 or 5:00 pm)
Tour duration is 2 Hrs.

Includes: Non- alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring your own adult beverages.
Please bring: A sweatshirt or wind breaker can be useful in case you get cold, and always bring a camera.

If you have a tendency to get seasick easily, we recommend taking sea sickness preventatives at least one hour prior to the sail.

Please note: children 3 and under are no longer free. There is a U.S. Coast Guard mandated passenger maximum, and even an infant goes toward the passenger count.

FAQs [ show ]

Where do you sail from and where do you go? We operate out of Haleiwa Harbor, on the North Shore of Oahu. We sail along the North Shore and out into the deeper waters. We do not circumnavigate Oahu or sail around to the West Side. This would be a very long sail with rough upwind sailing on the way home.

How far is Haleiwa from Waikiki? It’s about a 1 hour drive from Waikiki.

What time of year can I expect to see whales in Hawaii? The humpback whales migrate to Hawaii from December to May every year. Whale watching tours in Hawaii are during these months. Exact start and finish of the season varies each year, depending on when the whales make their migration.

Do you always see dolphins? We often see dolphins, but not every day. Like all wild animals, it is up to them when they want to be seen. On lucky days they will come right up to the boat and play.

In sailing on a catamaran different than traditional sailing? Catamarans are smoother riding than single hulled vessels. Our 40′ catamaran, the Ho’o Nanea, is the perfect size for a sailing adventure. The sailing catamaran is Coast Guard certified for 25 passengers, and all of our tours are a maximum passenger count of 20. With this intimate group, we are able to give all of our passenger’s customized service.

What sort of marine life can I expect to see while sailing? There is never a lack of Hawaii marine life on our sailing trips. During whale season, it is almost certain we will see the majestic humpback whales as they frolic in our warm Hawaiian waters. We often find the spinner dolphins, and nearly every day the Honu, Hawaiian sea turtle, stops by for a visit.

Can I bring my children with me on my sailing trip? Of course! We have special rates for children. Whale watching in Hawaii is a wonderful family adventure. It is also a great educational experience for all members of the family.

Do you provide lunch and beverages? All of our tours include complementary beverages. Only the 4 hr morning snorkel provides food.

What should I bring on my sunset sail? Be prepared for lots of fun! You should be prepared for the warm Hawaiian sun and the occasional passing shower. Please bring a light jacket, your camera, sunscreen, and a hat.

Can I get seasick during your sailing trips? Our catamaran is very stable and few people get seasick. However, if you are prone to sea sickness, or have never been on a boat, it would be wise to take a sea sickness preventative at least one hour before the trip. We recommend Bonine, a chewable tablet, that can be purchased at most stores.

How far in advance should I book my tour? The earlier you book your tour, the better! (Especially if you have a large group.) Sometimes there is space available on very short notice, so make sure you check with us no matter when you have the idea to book.

Can I charter the whole boat? Yes, of course. We have special charter and group prices. Contact us for cost and availability.

How do I get there? See the driving directions below. Most people rent a car for the day and explore the North Shore and Haleiwa after their Sailing tour. Public transportation via The Bus (allow 2.5 hours) is also an option.

Is there anything else to do in the area for those in my party that are not going on the boat? Absolutely. The harbor is surrounded by beautiful public beaches. The harbor is located within walking distance of lots of great shops and site seeing in Haleiwa town.

Driving Directions [ show ]

From the Kailua/ Kaneohe
take H-3 to H-1 then follow directions from Honolulu.

From Honolulu:
Take the H1 freeway west from Honolulu to the H2 freeway north. Stay on H2 until freeway ends (8 miles) and becomes Route 99. After freeway ends, go straight through 4 stoplights then turn right at the sign indicating “North Shore”.

Follow the signs towards North Shore / Haleiwa, staying on Route 99. As you come down the hill with the ocean in view, you will reach a traffic signal where you will turn left to enter Haleiwa Town.

Go through “Historic” Haleiwa Town (1 mile) then turn left immediately after the 76 gas station on left side of road. (If you pass through a narrow bridge you missed your turn at the Gas Station).On your right is the Haleiwa Boat Harbor. Turn right at the sign into the harbor. Stay to the right and follow the road as it curves out to the big two story building in the middle of the harbor. Park next to our sign “North Shore Catamaran Charters”. The catamaran Ho’o Nanea will be moored at the loading dock or on her way! You will check in directly on the boat.

From Turtle Bay:
When you leave Turtle Bay Hotel, turn right (north) on 83 to the North Shore and Haleiwa town. It’s about a half hour drive (can take longer if there is a surf contest going on on the North Shore!).

There will be a traffic signal and a sign pointing you into “Historic” Haleiwa Town. Turn right and follow the road over the white, narrow bridge. Immediately after, turn right again before the 76 gas station (right after Haleiwa Joe’s Restaurant)

On your right will be the Haleiwa Boat Harbor. Turn right at the sign into the harbor. Stay to the right and follow the road as it curves around and out to the big two story building in the middle of the harbor. Park next to our sign “North Shore Catamaran Charters”. The catamaran Ho’o Nanea will be moored at the loading dock or on her way! You will check in directly on the boat.

** Our prices include harbor fees!!


Check In: 30 minutes prior to tour
Boat departs: Varies (4 or 5 pm)
Food Served: Non- alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages.
End Time: Varies
Duration: 2 hrs
(All times approximate and subject to change)
Includes: Beverages
Bring: Light cover up, camera
Required: n/a
Location: Haleiwa Boat Harbor
(about 1 hr drive from Waikiki)
and Parking:
No transportation provided.
Parking available at harbor.
Notes: • Please call for wheelchair accessibility.


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