Sea Life Park General Park Admission

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General Admission is the basic package at Sea Life Park Hawaii. With General Admission you’ll get admission to the park and access to all the exciting marine exhibitions and demonstrations like feeding times and shows. General Admission is already included in the cost of several of our interactive activity packages along with round-trip transportation from Waikiki. So if you are planning on swimming with dolphins in one of our 3 dolphin swim activities or participating in any of the other interactive programs, you do not need to purchase general admission separately, it is included with the activity package. Attractions at the Park include:

Dolphin Lagoon Show

Watch dolphins perform playful acrobatics in this ocean-side lagoon that even features its own private island. You’ll sit in a large open-air theater and can also enjoy great coastline views.

Sea Lion Show

Smart, Fast, and Funny come check out the Sea Lions as they perform for you. Or check them out in their habitat.Hawaiian Reef

Get out of the sun and cool down a bit as you explore around this huge reef aquarium. Walk to the top and look in from above the surface into this huge sea aquarium and then wind down around the aquarium slowly to the deeper levels. Step by step discover different levels of Hawaii’s tropical underwater eco-system. You’ll get to see more than 2,000 reef animals, including turtles, stingrays, colorful tropical fish and even sharks.

Hawaiian Ray Lagoon

Don’t be afraid to get face to face with these fascinating creatures of the ocean. Unlike their other relatives the Hawaiian Manta Ray is not dangerous. These graceful unique creatures are gentle and glide gracefully through the water checking things out. This lagoon provides an authentic environment for these shy marine animals. These Hawaiian Manta Rays eat plankton and can grow up to 22 feet in length. Perhaps you will see one of these creatures leap out of the water!

Hawaiian Ocean Theater

This theater features a large glass tank with amphitheater seating around allowing for an excellent view of the Dolphins performing. You can see the dolphins perform above the water and watch the dolphins perform from below the surface of the water. You’ll also learn about the newest training techniques and Sea Life Park’s conservation efforts.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle Lagoon

Not only is this lagoon an interesting exhibit – it is also a breeding sanctuary for the endangered Hawaiian green sea turtles (honu). To date, more than 2,200 hatchlings have been produced here and many of them have been released to the open ocean. Join us for our ongoing program to foster understanding and appreciation of these majestic creatures. Join our trainers at feeding time to learn more aboutthese creatures. Sea Turtle foods are available at the main gift shop.

Penguin Habitat

Here you’ll be able to see 11 so-called Humboldt penguins, which are native to South America and also an endangered species. This habitat at Sea Life Park serves as a comfortable breeding site. Watch as they play in the water or sun themselves see if you can spot what characteristics make these ocean creatures avian.

Hawaiian Monk Seal

Take a moment to see something extremely rare, so rare that it lives only in the Hawaiian Islands and their shores. The Hawaiian Monk seal is a part of the true seal family (Phocidae) almost now all extinct. Geographically separated from its closest relative in the seal family 15 million years ago, the Hawaiian Monk Seal’s existence in our time is amazing. The Hawaiian Monk Seal is literally a “living fossil” and so few remain that they are on the endangered species list. The Hawaiian name for this species is “llio holo I ka uaua” meaning dog that runs in rough water. Extremely capable and lethal in the water the Hawaiian name is befitting these tough creatures. The Hawaiian Monk Seal spends 2/3rds of their time at sea but they are know to beach and sunbathe awhile at times. If you encounter one of these creatures at the beach please be respectful and give them their distance.

Sea Bird Sanctuary

Many rescued birds across the island have come to the Sea Life Park for rehabilitation. Arriving injured or sick they have been lovingly nursed back to health. Some birds unable to go back into the wild are now permanent residents of the Sea Life Park. Find some of our local Hawaiian seabirds like the Iwa (Great Frigate Bird). Or just enjoy feeding the assortment of very colorful birds in our large aviary. Watch out below, this is a world of birds!

Hale Manu

Come walk inside our Life size Bird Aviary and feed the many resident and colorful birds! These friendly little feathered friend friends might just come check you out to see what treats you have. You will get to meet several Cockatiels and Lovebirds.

Gift Shops

There are several Gist Shops all over the park to browse through while you catch a moment out of the heat.

Food Court

The main eatery at the Sea Life Park is the BEACH BOY Lanai Food Court. With a large tabled patio area to dine with several different options for lunch to enjoy. With local flavors and traditional American menu options or a cooling frozen treat you will find something ono. Other stands throughout the park will also sell drinks, ice-cream, and snacks.

This general admission package will give you an overview of what the Sea Life Park has to offer and the shows and feedings of the park at a very reasonable price. If you want to get even closer to some of the marine animals and maybe even get wet, check out some of the other interactive packages.

Children ages 0yrs-17years must be accompanied by an attending adult 18yrs+ Age requirements for interactive activities vary by package.

Standard park hours are 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. The last show is at 3:30pm. Touch Pool hours are 10:30am-12:00pm & 1:30pm-3:30pm

Pick up is available from select Waikiki Hotels.

Driving Directions [ show ]

From Waikiki:

1. Take H1 East.

2. H1 becomes Highway 72, continue east through residential area.

3. Residential area will end, continue driving along the coast past Hanauma Bay, the Blow Hole and Sandy Beach, to Makapuu Point.

4. Park will be on the left side of the road, large sign by highway entrance.


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